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Friday, April 08, 2011

Shut 'Er Down

So republicans are once again to blame for the country's ills. Harry Fucking Reid said that democrats are unable to reach a compromise with republicans on the budget. That every time they compromise, republicans move the bar. So a government shutdown is eminent. Who cares? The country could most likely run just as well without the current government as it does now.

The fucks doing all the dickering will still get paid no matter what though, so they have no real incentive to solve the issue. Our military on the other hand, won't get paid if there is a shutdown.

Say. How about we switch that fucked-up scenario? If there is a shutdown, let's withhold pay from the assholes who were unable to fix the problem and give it to the people who are actually earning it?

I expect Obamm-bamm will be going on vacation again soon though. Can't have this little kerfuffle interrupting any plans he might have.