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Monday, September 27, 2010

Famous Quotes

Via email.

First, from some of the great orators:

"One man with courage makes a majority." - Andrew Jackson

"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." - Franklin D. Roosevelt

"The buck stops here." - Harry S. Truman

"Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country." - John F. Kennedy
Now, from today's geniuses:
"It depends what your definition of 'is' is?'' - Bill Clinton

"That Obama ... I would like to cut his NUTS off." - Jesse Jackson

"Those rumors are false ... I believe in the sanctity of marriage." - John Edwards

"I invented the Internet." - Al Gore

"The next Person that tells me I'm not religious, I'm going to shove my rosary beads up their ASS." - Joe Biden

"America is ... is no longer, uh, what it ... it, uh, could be, uh, what it was once was ... uh, and I say to myself, 'uh, I don't want that future, uh, uh for my children." - Barack Obama

"I have campaigned in all 57 states." - Barack Obama (Quoted 2008)

"You don't need God anymore, you have us Democrats." - Nancy Pelosi (Quoted 2006)

"Paying taxes is voluntary." - Sen. Harry Reid

"Bill is the greatest husband and father I know. No one is more faithful, true, and honest than he." - Hillary Clinton (Quoted 1998)

And the most recent gem of wisdom from the "Mother Moron":
"We just have to pass the Healthcare Bill to see what's in it." - Nancy Pelosi (Quoted March, 2010)

"Life's tough ... it's even tougher if you're stupid." - John Wayne

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Author Unknown

Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Head. She Spins...

Good news!:
Obama tells UN leaders world has dodged depression

UNITED NATIONS – President Barack Obama is calling on world leaders to support new efforts to bring about peace in the Mideast, while declaring the global economy has been "pulled back from the brink of a depression."
Initial claims for unemployment aid rise to 465K
WASHINGTON - The tally of newly laid-off workers requesting unemployment benefits rose last week for the first time in five weeks as the job market remains sluggish.
Huh? What?
Warren Buffett: "We're still in a recession"

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Billionaire investor Warren Buffett said the U.S. economy remains in recession, disputing this week's assessment by a leading arbiter of economic activity that the downturn ended more than a year ago
Ah. I see. We're in a recession, just not a depression.

Potaytoe : potahtoe.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Apple Don't Fall Far From The Tree

Obama's aunt not sorry she accepted public housing

Wed Sep 22, 6:41 am ET

BOSTON - President Barack Obama's aunt says she has no reason to apologize for accepting public housing and other government assistance even though she hasn't contributed to the system.
Why should she? Her nephew is in the same situation.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


So what with all the other problems in our country solved, the Idiot-In-Chief has enough time in his busy political life and vacationing to write a book:
US President Barack Obama to Publish New Book
I say we all obtain copies and add them to the pile of Korans to be burned. I'll supply Kingsford fuel and matches to get the fire started.  I don't condone buying them as that would just put money in his pocket...

Here's a picture of the cover so you know what to look for:

Monday, September 13, 2010

Letter From The Queen

For only the second time in my adult life, I am not ashamed of my country. I want to thank the hard working American people for paying $242 thousand dollars plus additional expenses for my vacation in Spain.

My daughter Sasha, several long-time family friends, my personal staff and various guests had a wonderful time. Honestly, you just haven't lived until you have stayed in a $2,500.00 per night suite at a 5-Star luxury hotel. We only booked 70 rooms for our friends, staff and family. Thank you also for the use of Air Force 2 and the 70 Secret Service personnel who tagged along to be sure we were safe and cared for at all times.

Air Force 2 only used 47,500 gallons of jet fuel for this trip and carbon emissions were a mere 1,031 tons of CO2. It costs only $11,500 per hour to operate Air Force 2 and each additional plane for the other members of our party group. These are only rough estimates, but they are close (who's counting?). That's quite a carbon footprint as my good friend Al Gore would say, so we must ask the American citizens to drive smaller, more fuel efficient cars and drive less too, so we can lessen our combined carbon footprint.

I know times are hard and millions of you are struggling to put food on the table and trying to make ends meet. I do appreciate your sacrifice and do hope you find work soon. I was really exhausted after Barack took our family on a luxury vacation in Maine a few weeks ago. I just had to get away for a few days. Will write more from Martha's Vineyard, after our weekend on the gulf coast, where we will spend our sixth vacation this year with more of our family and friends.

Queen, M. Obama

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Why It's Not His Fault - Updated

Obviously, shit ain't gettin' no better. It's getting worse.
But it's not O-Asshole's fault, just ask him.

Step 1: Blame Bush. YES WE CAN!
Step 2: If step 1 fails, blame republican resistance to CHANGE!

Yeah, maybe bush was a moron. But like I said, shit ain't gettin' no better and democrats have had control of congress for how long now?

I've been seeing political ads for months already. The bulk of which is Harry Reid (D-umbshit NV) vs Sharon Angle - who is his republican competition. However, Labor Day weekend is pretty much the starting gun of the election season. They are indeed off and running. Pardon the pun.

I can hardly fucking wait. I'm guessing the 'Mute' button on the remote will be worn down to but a nub come November.

Update: I saw this 'toon on some random blog (sorry, I would give credit if I remembered where) and thought it most appropriate: