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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Via email:

An impressive list of accomplishments:

First President to apply for college aid as a foreign student, then deny he was a foreigner.
First President to have a social security number from a state he has never lived in.
First President to preside over a cut to the credit-rating of the United State.
First President to violate the War Powers Act.
First President to be held in contempt of court for illegally obstructing oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.
First President to defy a Federal Judge's court order to cease implementing the Health Care Reform Law.
First President to require all Americans to purchase a product from a third party.
First President to spend a trillion dollars on 'shovel-ready' jobs when there was no such thing as 'shovel-ready' jobs.
First President to abrogate bankruptcy law to turn over control of companies to his union supporters.
First President to by-pass Congress and implement the Dream Act through executive fiat.
First President to order a secret amnesty program that stopped the deportation of illegal immigrants across the U.S., including those with criminal convictions.
First President to demand a company hand-over $20 billion to one of his political appointees.
First President to terminate America 's ability to put a man in space.
First President to have a law signed by an auto-pen without being present.
First President to arbitrarily declare an existing law unconstitutional and refuse to enforce it.
First President to threaten insurance companies if they publicly spoke-out on the reasons for their rate increases.
First President to tell a major manufacturing company n which state it is allowed to locate a factory.
First President to file lawsuits against the states he swore an oath to protect (AZ, WI, OH, IN).
First President to withdraw an existing coal permit that had been properly issued years ago.
First President to fire an inspector general of Ameri-Corps for catching one of his friends in a corruption case.
First President to appoint 45 czars to replace elected officials his office.
First President to golf 73 separate times in his first two and a half years in office, 90 to date.
First President to hide his medical, educational, and travel records.
First President to win a Nobel Peace Prize for doing NOTHING to earn it.
First President to go on multiple global 'apology tours'.
First President to go on 17 lavish vacations, including date nights and Wednesday evening White House parties for his friends paid for by the taxpayer.
First President to have 22 personal servants (taxpayer funded) for his wife.
First President to keep a dog trainer on retainer for $102,000 a year at taxpayer expense.
First President to repeat the Holy Qur'an tells us the early morning call of the Azan (Islamic call to worship) is the most beautiful sound on earth.
First President to take a 17 day vacation.

How is this Hope and Change working out for you?

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Just Relax. This Won't Hurt A Bit

So that ignorant fucker Obamm-bamm railroads Obamacare through and shoves it down our throats, all the while telling everyone it's in the people's best interest.
Now that the Supreme Court is taking a long, hard look at it, he's taken to threatening them should they decide it's wrong, unconstitutional, whatever.

So now riddle me this: Are there really people out there stupid enough to vote for this fucker a second time? Really?

I'm sure I just made the list again. I will never be invited to the visit.

Sunday, January 29, 2012



Wallace was a democrat. MLK was a republican.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Interesting Choices

Monday, November 07, 2011

Funny Comment

From Hotair.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Well Sure, But Aren't You Crazy?

No she's not. She's not perfekt either. She's a mother and that shit you will simply need to get over.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Let's Clear This Up

There seems to be a bit of confusion on the part of every liberal in America about the Bush tax cuts. Somehow libs are of the mindset that allowing these cuts to expire will only effect "rich people" who make $250k or more a year. This perception is incorrect. The Bush tax cuts "lowered taxes for almost all US taxpayers" (source: Wiki). Here's the tax bracket implications from taxfoundation.org:
Reduction in other individual income tax rates — size of 15 percent rate bracket modified to reflect 10 percent rate, and 28 percent, 31 percent, 36 percent and 39.6 percent rates are reduced to 25 percent, 28 percent, 33 percent and 35 percent, respectively (sec. 1(i)(2) and sec. 901 of Pub. L. No. 107-16).
So libs, letting the tax cuts expire will have the effect of raising taxes on almost everyone, including you.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

See How Easy?

Anyone can make a birth certificate.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Just for Fun

Monday, May 16, 2011

Quote of The Century

“I think there are discussions, even about transparency and developing rules about transparency that we need to be able to have quietly and behind closed doors.” – Daniel Gordon, White House staff

Monday, May 09, 2011

Being Presidential

The One has been rather impressive this week and I'm all for it. I don't hate him because he's Hawaiian (we all have to be from somewhere). In fact I don't hate him at all. I am disappointed with the social engineering and unfathomable debt that this administration allowed to become law. I was also disappointed in the previous administration for the exact same reasons.

But let's give this administration, and the man who runs it, due credit. The murdering monster that has been the bane of many Americans for the last 9 1/2 years is dead. I don't care how he died. I care that he's dead. For those of you who lack the historical perspective, Osama bin Laden was nice enough to release a video after the 9/11 attacks spouting what a great victory this was against the evil Americans. 3000 innocent Americans. We hadn't even begun the process of recovering our dead.

The President was on 60 Minutes last night and I was impressed by his candor. For this I thank him.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Rot In Hell

The big new is that Osama bin hidin' has been killed.
Well, good. That was too long in coming.

I just hope that it wasn't a tidy, clean head shot. I hope every soldier involved got to empty a full magazine into that motherfucker, riddling his psychotic body with twenty or thirty pounds of American made lead.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Shut 'Er Down

So republicans are once again to blame for the country's ills. Harry Fucking Reid said that democrats are unable to reach a compromise with republicans on the budget. That every time they compromise, republicans move the bar. So a government shutdown is eminent. Who cares? The country could most likely run just as well without the current government as it does now.

The fucks doing all the dickering will still get paid no matter what though, so they have no real incentive to solve the issue. Our military on the other hand, won't get paid if there is a shutdown.

Say. How about we switch that fucked-up scenario? If there is a shutdown, let's withhold pay from the assholes who were unable to fix the problem and give it to the people who are actually earning it?

I expect Obamm-bamm will be going on vacation again soon though. Can't have this little kerfuffle interrupting any plans he might have.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fun with Photoshop

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Keep It Moving

As a rule, I usually don't pass along those "Add your name" lists that appear in emails. But this one may be a little more important. It has been circulating for many months to millions of people. We don't want any of the names on the list to be lost, so if you don't want to add your name, just forward it:
To show your support for Obama, pleas go to the end of the list and add your name:

1. Michelle Obama

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Well, It's Our Own God-Damned Fault

"We the people" has morphed into "We the courts".

Yeah, so one judge decided obamacare isn't legal. The supreme court will overturn it.

We've become such a litigious society that we expect the court system to settle everything for us. Everything from the stupid shit shown on Judge Judy to the fucking supreme court, it gets dickered on and decided on until the court has reached its decision.
The trouble with that as I see it, is by doing that over and over again, you give the power to the court rather than the voting booth. And the trouble with that, is you give all the power of decision making to an opinionated panel of a handful of people far from impartial people, instead of the public majority.

Now in some cases that involve a learned interpretation of set laws, that is fine. But in others, where there is no particular law or precedent, again, it's the decision of an opinionated handful of people. People who have character flaws, lots of 'friends', and lots of political pressure.

So in short, the courts are pressured by the government to do its bidding, and we the people have no say in the matter.

I'm having trouble right now differentiating complacency from stupidity. It seems the two are walking hand in hand as of the last 10 or 20 years. Idiots have been elected to government positions, where they pass dumb-assed laws. They also appoint puppets to the supreme court to do their bidding if anyone dares buck one of their dumb-assed laws. So with this obamacare bullshit? Well America, you brought it on yourselves. Fucking reap what you have sown. Of course, you'll drag the rest of us who didn't vote for this shit down to your level, but then, isn't that what you've always tried to do anyway?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

State of the Union

Having not watched the bonehead's State of the Union Address last night I can't quote it verbatim, but I'm going to give what I believe is a reasonable facsimile of what was said.

So now, loosely quoted, the Teleprompter In Chief:

"Good evening."

"Lie, economy, lie, jobs, bullshit. Immigration reform, hot air, work together, lie. Soldiers, bullshit, education, evade, responsibility, dodge, deficit, lie. Bullshit, hot air, lie, bullshit."

"Good night."

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Some fucked up shit.

The only person who was at fault there was Loughner. You know, the dude who was actually pulling the trigger.
It wasn't Sarah Palin. It wasn't Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh or Tea party-ers. It was a fucking idiot named Loughner.

But the prez going there and grandstanding? Fuck that.
Empty gestures.

Monday, January 10, 2011

What's Really Important

Six people were killed in Tucson on Saturday. One of them, song unsung.

Friday, January 07, 2011

I Haz Derp

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Fuck You CBS

Allow me to post a screen capture:

It says, "How I managed to go eight years without making
one good decision".

Again I say, "Fuck you CBS!"

Friday, December 17, 2010


That fucked-up Bush and his fucked-up administration with their fucked-up antics ruined everything. Right?

Take tax cuts for "The Rich™" for example.
Oh. Wait. Maybe not.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Good News Everybody!

Like most good news, this has nothing to do with the current administration.

By Andy Sullivan

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Troubled Asset Relief Program, which risked up to $700 billion of government funds to bail out troubled banks and automakers, will cost taxpayers a mere $25 billion, according to an estimate released on Monday by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Self Portrait

Got this one in an email:

'Nuf said.