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Monday, January 29, 2007

"I was for it before I was against it."

Is it just me or is Hillary starting to sound like someone else we know?
No, that isn't a direct quote. But remember once, she was for the war in Iraq and now she all of a sudden isn't. Suppose it has anything to do with a popularity contest?

Anyway, from here we have:
"I don't think there's a woman here who thinks that sometimes you just have to try harder," she [Hillary] said.
Hmm. She's probably right. No woman thinks she has to try harder.



Diva Dee said...

Interesting blog!

We'd love to have the chance to review it on our new site!

We're looking for bloggers willing to be our first!

Hillary's Thong said...

Have at it!

Sexy Simone said...

You've been reviewed!

jane said...

I think an important fact that is constantly left out when referring to politicians who voted for the war is: THEY WERE LIED TO JUST LIKE WE WERE. They were not privy to information that the Pres. and his cabinet were.
How is it people forget that part? Nearly the entire American public was FOR the war before we were against it. Now, about 80% are AGAINST the war. Why? Because we were also lied to.
To clarify: GEORGE W. BUSH LIED ABOUT REASONS WE WERE GOING TO WAR. You must remember WMD. There were none.

I also find it interesting that those who admit they made a mistake in believing this admin. are being crucified while those who intentionally lied.

jane said...

oops...left that last comment mid-sentence. oh well

Hillary's Thong said...

Oh, I think there are tons of reasons people are 'against' the war now. But to clarify: BUSH ACTED ON THE INFORMATION HE WAS GIVEN.

To even guess, or assume anything else would imply you were there behind the closed doors and was privy to all the information the powers that be were privy to. And I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that you weren't.

And I definitely remember WMD. I do remember the uncovering of several hundred pounds of chemicals capable of gassing entire cities.
And I remember semis, cargo vans and passenger planes discovered to have been fitted to haul various kinds of weapons to Syria.

Jeebus Kreebus!
People expected the troops to find what, conveniently located warehouses or silos full of nukes or something? After we pussyfooted around with the U.N. before even going over there, of course Saddam would have had plenty of time to move the shit.

The war needs to end. I'll admit that. But it needs to end with an American shoe firmly up the ass of Iraq.