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Monday, February 12, 2007

And So It Begins

Obama Bama bo Bama
Banana fanna fo fanna
Fe fi OFama....

So the shit has started slinging. We have two for-certain presidential contenders. One of the is a fucking idiot, and the other is well, a fucking idiot. I don't think Obama can take Hitlery on and win. I hat to admit it, because I would even take him over Hitlery. But since I ain't a registered dimocrat, I won't get to help make the choice.

Anyway, Obama is already trying to start shit.
In this articel, Obama-fo-fama says:

"I am not clear on how she would proceed at this point to wind down the war in a specific way," Obama told reporters when asked to critique Clinton's plans for ending the bloody US engagement during a campaign stop in Iowa.

"I know she has stated that she thinks the war should end by the start of the (next) president's first term, .... beyond that though, how she wants to accomplish that I am not clear, I would let her address those issues," Obama said.
I got some news for you there 'Bama. She don't know either.
But it makes for good lip service when you're trying to please your party.