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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

The First Tuesday Of November

I am filled with both anticipation and dread.
Anticipation of at least knocking down to size some of the idiocy currently going on, but yet dreading that we still have two more years before we can vote on more 'change'.
I am giddy when I hear from the people who voted democrat last time that they aren't voting this time because "there is really no one I want in there...".
Good. Keep it that way. That gives people who really care about 'change' some leverage.

I was dumbfounded that people were stupid enough to vote that asshole into office in the first place. I am amazed people are still oblivious by the stupidity going on around them, and I can't believe anyone would be taken in and not charge treason or at least commence impeachment for the outright lies and bullshit being fed to the American public for the last two+ years.

But no matter who wins, I'll be happier than a pig in shit to not be subjected to those gawd-awful commercials until the next voting season rolls around.