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Monday, November 07, 2011

Funny Comment

From Hotair.


Questionman said...

Electing Obama president has caused the racists to go crazy. Their whole world is refuted by his mere existence as president.

Many people seem to have forgotten already, but before Obama was president Bush, who had the world really worried – but was also a laughing-stock. After he stepped out, the US image has improved so much just because this one Obama guy, that’s no small achievement.

America has gone racist thanks to the brain-dead racist right!

Many people have been anti-Obama since the day he took office. I believe a lot of this has to do with racism, which is unfortunately alive and well in America. We built the country on the backs of slaves and low-wage workers who immigrate…d here from other countries. Whatever President does, he gets criticized from the left and the right. He’s just a man. Give him a chance. Do you think FDR helped turned the country around in 4 years back in 1936? Absolutely not. The economic policies of the past 40 years have been building up and have contributed to the mess we now find ourselves in. Greed had controlled corporate and public life for a very long time. Separating money for politics is essential, but where is the will on the part of the citizens for this fundamental change? People are NOT paying attention. They’re asleep. PLEASE, wake up. ALL of us need to work together. What a novel concept. WE MUST do this together or we’ll all sink together.

W was ‘the worst president EVER.’ those who despise Obama sound like a bunch of wacko extremist fanatics. Only difference is that we never hated Bush, we actually hated his policies!

Grumpiness toward the incumbent during a difficult time”?!? Try seeing it for what it is: “a childish refusal to allow him govern as the electorate chose him to do, coupled with four years’ worth of intoning ‘Obama’s failed presidency’ ad nauseam.” The Republicans must *not* be rewarded for this by being put in charge of saving us from the very panic, dread and anger that they have sown. If Obama loses in 2012, racism wins!

curmudgeon said...

Give him a chance? Are you really that much of a socialist or is it that you just don't pay attention to the news?

The idiot-in-chief and his moron cohorts have done more damage in a year than Bush or even Clinton could have even hoped to do.

Give me a break. Loaning money to businesses "too big to fail"? Whuzzat? Let them fail! Make way for businesses ran by better businessmen. Preferably ones who don't have to pay out most of their profits to unions or retirees.

And his stimulus. Really? Yeah, that worked so very well.
We have some of the most beautiful landscaping along our freeways here in Nevada (which if you haven't noticed, has the distinction of the highest unemployment and foreclosure rate in the country) which came from stimulus money. I guess it's nice to drive by when you're job hunting. Or looking for a school that isn't overcrowded.

So yeah. I'm not racist. And we have a moron in the White House.

Ed Bonderenka said...

"Many people have been anti-Obama since the day he took office."
Not me! I was anti-Obama long before the day he took office.
And it wasn't racism.
I had listened to him...