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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Just Relax. This Won't Hurt A Bit

So that ignorant fucker Obamm-bamm railroads Obamacare through and shoves it down our throats, all the while telling everyone it's in the people's best interest.
Now that the Supreme Court is taking a long, hard look at it, he's taken to threatening them should they decide it's wrong, unconstitutional, whatever.

So now riddle me this: Are there really people out there stupid enough to vote for this fucker a second time? Really?

I'm sure I just made the list again. I will never be invited to the visit.


Z said...

Yes, there ARE people out there..millions of them. NOT THINKING.
What list, and what visit? :-)!!

curmudgeon said...

That's what I was afraid of.

I figger I made the government watch list again. ;)
As for the visit, Mrs Curmudgeon once said "You keep posting that sort of shit and you'll never get invited to the White House!"
"Bummer" I said.

Anonymous said...

4 more years!! the good guys win again

Anonymous said...

Your a damn socialist queer

curmudgeon said...

And *your* a delusional fucking moron who isn't smart enough to post grammatically correct. Probably didn't finish high school, and is relying on welfare from yet another handout administration.