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Thursday, November 19, 2009

It Would Be Just Swell



skitter said...

this is totally irrelevant, and i do hope you delete this but i dont see any other way to contact you... but i just looked up an old very dear friend of mine's name, as i do from time to time since it happened, and found a thread on some site i dont even know what for, and it was actually a year or two before but still... i quote you said "Do yourself (and us) a favor, and put a gun to your head. Splatter those ungodly brains - what little there are of them - all over the straightjacket you've evidently loosed yourself from.

What a fucking idiot.
Dave S. | Homepage | 06.21.06 - 10:34 am"
this person killed themself, sorry they didnt take your advice on the method of doing so, they hanged themself in february of 2008, 2 days before their 23rd birthday. you really need to be more aware of the things you reflect upon people, im not saying and i dont even believe you had anything to do with what he did, but none the less, the desensitized apathy in your communication with other human beings is just very sad and even moreso on a whole other level now..... grow up. no matter what there is never a reason to say that to anyone, even if it might be true, that is not our call to make, our call to judge, or our penalty to demand. grow up and understand the gravity of what you say, even if you dont mean it as heavy, and you believe the other isnt going to recieve it as such, its just very childish and unintelligent to argue with those kind of statements. and after having copied that quote and seeing it was a halo forum or something, thats just even more sad and pathetic. grow up and check out the real world, you might discover there is life outside of your own perception... and no, you are not in the center of it all. not even close.

Anonymous said...

Where, out of curiosity, was this comment posted? I can find the holoscan entry but I can't track its origin.

curmudgeon said...

"...grow up and check out the real world..."
I just love reading statements like that. Anyone who disagrees with something I've written always tells me to "wake up", "get real", "open your eyes", blah blah blah. Somehow, I am always the one who is wrong, in the dark or out of touch with reality simply because I have made a statement contrary to their own opinion.

Nevertheless, first let me say that I feel bad for anyone who loses a close friend or family member to death. I have and it sucks.

Second, while I vaguely remember posting this comment and the circumstances relating to it, the person I directed the comment to was - well, I'll say it politely - needed help. And as you point out above, it is now obvious.
That person was posting craze addled shit on several blogs, and mine was one of them. I therefore visited his blog to comment on the stupidity of his comments, and hopefully sway him from returning to mine with insult rather than logic, as that would have been a waste of time.

Now thirdly, if I actually thought my comments actually had more than a slight influence upon the minds of people who read them, I would most likely be applying for a job in the media or as a personal consult to the house or senate.
What I say here or any blog, or for that matter any comment to a blog is about as important as the single snowflake causing the avalanche.
Oh how I wish sometimes it were different, but it just isn't so. To think that I rattle off random ramblings without some sort of thought or consideration just doesn't happen. I always consider what I have to say and basically don't talk shit just to hear myself. But I can never predict when someone may possibly take a comment of mine as enlightenment, revelation, or even think of it as an apathetic, nearsighted, judgmental statement.

So with that, I'll say "Do what you will with whatever statement I make hitherto, and be advised that my comments and suggestions may not always be the only truth or option in this great big wide world of opinions. However, any statement or opinion I express is just that: Mine."

Anonymous said...

As "skitter" is a 23 year old female I'm pretty sure the original comment is 100% bull[dot]shit.

Fuck off skitter. If you can't take the heat get the fuck out of comment section.