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Monday, July 12, 2010


I hear obamm-bamm's taking another vacation.
Well, good. He deserves it. Now that he has everyone back to work, universal health care taken care of, taxes lowered, peace in the middle east and the gulf oil leak plugged. He needs to rest up a bit.
The good part is it's harder for him to do more damage for a few days while he's vacationing. Any chance he's vacationing in the gulf?

Didn't think so.


Always On Watch said...

Well, there is true bright spot in BHO's taking a vacation. He's out of D.C. and can't ask Congress to pass another piece of socialistic legislation.

On the other hand, he's taking this vacation on my dime. I'm a taxpayer.

curmudgeon said...

Yeah, I'm sure it will set us back a couple million more.