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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Too Bad Folks

Michelle Malkin sez:
Harry Reid pulls out race card again, whacks himself in the head
I got some bad news for you folks. Unless something changes big, fast and hard here in NV in the next couple months, that asshole ain't going nowhere come November.
He has too many people in the state snowed and suckered to where they think he is some sort of fucking hero.

His competition has proven so far to be a dimwit - as far as the political competition goes, and has yet to display any sort of redeeming qualities or accomplishments.
No one in the state knows what her real platform is, what she personally stands for, or what she plans on doing when she's in office. Even her shitty mudslinging is backfiring on her.

So all I can say to America as a NV voter, is good luck this fall cleaning up some of the other shit scattered around this country.