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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Good Gawd Y'all

The interwebs, television, radio, the whole world in fact - is all abuzz about the totally blasphemous move by Michelle horseface-Jackie-O-wanna-be-bitch Obama. (Name-calling is childish, I know. Fuck off).
Well, so what? She has about as much of a clue as her stupid fucking husband. What else would anyone expect out of her? Courtesy? Protocol? Class? Nuh-uh. Not from her. Not from either of them. And here's the reason why.
So far, it seems they haven't been smart enough to hire anyone anyone who isn't a criminal or tax evader, so why do you think they would ever hire anyone decent enough to instruct them the slightest bit on protocol during that long flight overseas?

They must have forgotten to fill that position.

And I ain't even touching the bullshit about the iPod he gave the queen with her own pictures and his speeches on it.