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Monday, July 27, 2009

Quote of the Day

Stoled from Delftsman3

Quote of the Day

"It took President Obama six months to pick a dog for the White House, but he wants Congress to pass a massive health care reform bill in two weeks! This is insane."--Andrea Lafferty, Executive Director of Traditional Family Coalition
You can probably guess how giddy I am that this asshole's world is turning to shit right in front of his eyes.

The massive bailouts he pulled out of his ass ain't working like he planned, his 'cap and tax' energy bill got tripped up and has stagnated, and turns out the democratic majority ass lickers ain't all that happy with the his health 'plan' either. It must be shit if they don't even want to sign up for it.
On top of all that, the way racism was downplayed during his campaigning and the elections, he shows his hitherto suppressed racist ass over the Gate's arrest deal.

I am fucking loving it! It's always good to see a salesman's cheap suit fall apart at the seams.