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Tuesday, September 01, 2009


The nerve of these fucktards is stupendous. The gall is magnanimous.
Obama’s Threat to Bypass Republicans on Health May Be ‘No Win’

Democrats in the senate can't have it their way and win the hearts of the American people with their obama-care bill, so what do they do? Well, the answer isn't change the into something which will satisfy or even for fuck's sake, merely appease republicans! No, they would rather just cheat the system and ram the bill up our asses.

These crooked motherfuckers are making a mockery of our lawmaking process and yet are continuously allowed to get away with it. Why? Because no one in any sort of public position (media, public service) dares take them on for fear of retaliation in the form of audits, being tagged as a racist, or a crackpot.

These people are someday going to go down hard. And I for one can hardly wait to see it.