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Thursday, January 07, 2010

The Enemy Within

Neanderpundit sez:
"Hey, do you hear that?

yeah, me neither. Just silence.

There’s a couple types of silence, you know? There’s the silence of a moonlit snowy night, lights off, everyone asleep, like outside right now.

There’s also the silence of a hundred and fifty million Americans, safeties off, waiting for the first shot to be fired."
There are several blogs I read that are also of that mindset; ready to take up arms to defend themselves, their homes, their family, even so boldly stating that they would defend the United States of America against any intruders at the risk of their own lives. And I'm not referring to active duty personnel in any of the branches of service, I'm referring to the average Joe Citizen.

Mind you, I have no problem with that whatsoever. I'm all for it and right there with it. But my confusion lies in the part where we determine what our enemy is, or our enemies are. Or rather, when we determine who our enemies are.

Obviously, like Bubba or Billy-Joe-Ray-Bob, if I see a gawd-damn ragheaded camel fucker walking down the street totin' an AK-47 yammering "Allah akbar", I'll naturally assume he's an enemy.

There is still a ton of apprehension and lack of trust among most Americans toward anyone from "The Sandbox". Me included. Much the same way as I hear it was toward "Japs" back during World War II. They were the enemy. They wanted to kill us. And believe it or not, there are people who still want to do that today! And they're from "The Sandbox"! Of course I don't fucking trust them!
Yes, there are many good people in this country from the middle east who are not trying to kill me or us. I'm not paranoid. But I still have the twinge of distrust when I see a middle easterner I don't know. It's going to take me a long time to get past that if I ever do.

Now most of the country has cooled off a bit since 9-11. But think about it - would anyone even remotely related to anything Islam or Muslim have gotten elected to the White House if by chance they would have ran in November of 2001, or even November of 2002? Quite possibly not even in 2004 when the elections actually took place, 3 years after 9-11.

Would the American people have even remotely tolerated any sort of treaty with many middle eastern countries during that time, after they had deliberately killed thousands of Americans? Why now? Why give them more say as to how we should do our business? We already have nanny-state do-gooders and government agencies dictating how we live our lives, are we going to concede more rights and privileges just to be more tolerable and acceptable to the rest of the world?

My guess is yes. Why? Because it's already happening.

Oh, the takeover of the United States isn't going to be an overnight deal. It's going to take a few months or a few years, but if we keep electing limp-wristed leadership like we - well, not me, but someone - has lately, it will continue to happen. Then guess what? The armed forces - our own military, who are commanded by our government who has made these deals and pacts - will in effect, be under the command of not only our so-called "leaders", but whoever our "leaders" have made these deals with.

The conquering of America isn't going to be from a Blitzkrieg, nor is it going to be storm trooping guerrillas. It's going to be the slow erosion of rights, privileges and self-sufficiency in the form of more laws, more restrictions, more governance, higher taxes, ... basically, less control over our own lives. And it will be enforced by the government who will be controlled by pretty much every other fucking country in the world. Our government, which controls the military, will then be tasked to control America's citizens.

It is quite possible we won't be seeing any towel-headed splody-dopes walking our streets. No, I'm guessing that if things keep going the way they are, it will be our own armed service men and women.