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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What A Dude

So let's see here. We have a prez who has ..., what exactly?

Well, to start with he has guaranteed the country will pay more in taxes, while giving untold amounts away to big corporations to try and save the economy. In other words, he has been trying to fuck his way to virginity.
He has raised the hope of "po' folk" and illegal aliens around the country with more welfare and free medical care all the while raising the hair of people who actually work for a living.

This is our leader.

As for his status as a world leader, he has been basically laughed at by China, scoffed at in Denmark, and scuttled by the International Olympic Committee.
As a world leader, he isn't. He's a joke.

So far, he has failed to shove Obamacare and energy bills up our asses, and his party of demo-socialists failed to maintain their 'control' of the senate.

That "Breath of fresh air" obamm-bamm fans were looking for is turning out to be nothing more than a paper bag full of hot air.

At least now, with the election in Massachusetts, there is "Hope" for some "Change".