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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Full of Win

Via a Fark thread:

How come you don't have a problem with Obama's best buddies, who actually DO hate the country and some of who actually HAVE committed violent acts of treason, hmmm?

What 'treason' has the Tea Party done outside of your own fantasies?

We've got muslim snipers, muslim cop-killers, muslim's rampaging on army bases, muslims blowing up airlines, muslims attempting to blow up airlines, multiple muslim bomb plots (and actually bomb-plantings) in NYC and other cities and all you stupid liberal f*cks can do is point your finger at grandma holding her Tea Party signs.

You're f*cking pathetic. No one's believing your f*cked up sh*t anymore...


tha malcontent said...

Cool blog my good friend.. I've added you to my blog list.

curmudgeon said...

Thanks for stopping by! And the addition!