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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Oh, That's Sweet

There's not many things I adore more than seeing a rabid animal turn on it's own pack.
Not that I have actually seen one, but I can imagine what would happen.

Take this for instance:
Hillary, Thanks For Raising Our Taxes | The Huffington Post:

Wait a minute. I thought you Hezbocrats were all over this Hillary running for prez shit. You know, all about how great she would be since she's done such a fine job for New York.

But wait! There's more!:

Hillary Is Making Us All Sicker

Well no fucking shit, Sherlock. Welcome to reality.

At least, so I thought. Briefly. For a minute there.
Then he starts talking about the benefits of socialized medicine. He says:

That's it. I just puked a little in my mouth. This dude is nuts. Plain and simple.
He has obviously been getting his information from someone other than FUCKING PATIENTS who have to actually utilize that system. In fact, those who can afford it are paying cash for their treatment rather than wait for the government to 'take care of them'.

And guess what they do if they don't have the money, and don't want to wait, or CAN'T wait for the government to get around to treating them?:

Yup. WE take care of them.
That's swell. Great plan you got there dumbass. Just what America needs.



that is one fine post...

these liberal-demonuts are indeed amusing...

even if they see the ugly reality of Rodham the Bottom, they will still vote for her...


Hillary's Thong said...

Anyone but a republican, right?
Yeah, that makes sense.