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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Yeah, When Hell Freezes Over

Hah! This shit ain't happenin'. Know what I mean?
The bitch can stick to her daytime teevee. She ain't no leader. Not like I am.
She goes and puts her idiots on her show, all sweetie-pie, now-now dear, life is good, here - let me hep' you out.

But run for president of these here United States? Get a grip.

And what exactly the hell are YOU thinking you pork rind eatin', flabby sonuva-wannabe movie maker. A petition to get her on the ballot? Even I ain't that stupid. You need to get a life beyond the kitchen table!

All this speculation is driving me nuts. Hell with it. I think I'll run.




can't we send Hillary to Iran for some permanent diplomatic mission of some kind?

getting that bulk in a burkha would be very helpful on the eyes...

by the way, did you see the garbage Time is pushing?

love her?
hate her...

Hillary's Thong said...

Sending her overseas permanantly would be oh, so sweet. But then do we really want her representing us?