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Monday, August 07, 2006

Something To Think About, You Stupid Bitch

A quote I read over on Patty's blog in reference to her son-in-law:
"He plans on remaining in the USAF as a lifer unless God forbid Hillary is elected. At which time he intends to leave the service. This is a seniment I have heard from all the young folks that are in the military."
Interesting. I had never heard an opinion from someone currently in the military regarding Psycho Bitch. But, since I was given cause to ruminate on the idea, I just can't even fathom the likes of her as commander in chief of our armed forces.

I mean good gawd-amighty. How would you like it if she were your boss?


Patty said...

Neither can our young men and women. My daughter told me they would leave the country if possible should she be in the White house. Son has been in 5 years now. Just re-upped. A lot of the young folks that grew up in my world are in the military. Several have already done a tour in Iraq. Some 2 by now.

curmudgeon said...

A lot of people said they were going to leave the country if Bush got re-elected too.
But I sure as hell wouldn't blame him/them for 'quitting'.