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Friday, June 26, 2009

Hey Kids!

TOTUS here, whuzzup!!!
Like my new 'do?:

Ha-ha! uuhh, I'm just kidding. That's uuhh, really just a uuhh, chia pet. Ask your mommy and your uuhh, daddy about them. uuhh, They used to be the shit uuhh, the bomb back when I was uuhh, young like you.

You just uuhh, add water to this uuhh, this pot thing here, and uuhh, uuhh, it grows! uuhh, It grows - just like the debt I'm burdening your uuhh, your parents with, which in turn uuhh, you'll uuhh, you'll inherit when uuhh, you get uuhh, hopefully get out of uuhh, college.
See, we have to uuhh, provide uuhh, we have to take care uuhh, of The Children™, becuuuhh, because that's the christian uuhh, socialist uuhh, American thing to do.
Even uuhh, even the first lady, my uuhh, my lovely wife Michelle agrees. Give a hollauuhh, Michelle:


uuhh, Thank you my love.

Well, uuhh, kids - I better get back to work. I need to figure uuhh, out how to fuck your parents uuhh, sugar up this healthcare uuhh, plan so uuhh, so it will be something your uuhh, parents will like. Get them on my uuhh, side, get their uuhh, their support.
We all need to uuhh, pull together, shoulder to uuhh, the wheel, lift that bail, uuhh, tote that barge. Nose to the uuhh, grindstone. uuhh, uuhh, uuhh, uuhh, ...
Time to run and stay neutral! Bye uuuh, bye now.