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Monday, June 22, 2009


Slick Willy Clinton was labeled as a weak president when it came to stating his stance on foreign affairs. What I mean is, many times he would side with neither 'side', and ultimately chose to remain neutral. Therefore, we had a U.S.S. Cole incident, a World Trade Center bombing, and due to his lack of spine regarding events in raghead central, the eventual destruction of a good sized chunk of New York not to mention a good sized chunk of the U.S. and even world economy.

So now we have another stupid fucking weak assed spineless democrat in office who is behaving pretty much the same way as Slick Willy regarding North Korea and Iran.
What's the plan there, Braack? Eh Braack? You going to do anything Braack? Or are you going to just sit there in your office gleefully giving our salaries away to welfare moms and wetbacks, whilst waiting for something to happen which America will be forced to react to rather than doing something to ensure it doesn't?