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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Makes Me Wonder

I'd like to pose a question to the self-righteous fucktards 'representing' us, our senators. They obviously don't represent us since they're ramrodding shit through the White House against popular opinion, but I digress.
This is a question about ObamaReidKennedyCare.

Let's say "Hoover" the crack whore gets knocked up and now wants an abortion.
She has been a regular user of all sorts of chemicals for years, including booze, illicit narcotics, and Salem Menthols. The odds that this woman will calf out any semblance of a normal, healthy child are what, the same as Obamm-bamm sucking Dubya's dick?

If by chance that kid does make it full term without ending up in the toilet first, it will probably come out as some brain-dead, deformed mass of flesh that has absolutely no chance of self-sufficiency let alone survival, for more than a few days or maybe even a few minutes.

The bitch is on welfare, has been for years, so she damn well doesn't have any private insurance, nor will she, so she will be one of the many "poor, unemployed, helpless, downtrodden, held back by The Man, blah blah blah" enrollees of ObamaReidKennedyCare.

So my question is, would it be so bad or wrong for ObamaReidKennedyCare to pay for Hoover's abortion? Should they just deny it and let her give birth to another senator?